Late. Paramount Chief, Robert Tungwar Kueigwong

Biography of Late. Paramount Chief, Tungwar Kueigwong Reat

April 15, 2023
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Late’s Profile.

  • Date of Birth/Sun Rise: 1/1/1936
  •  Place of Birth: Bentiu, Unity State
  • Country: South Sudan
  • State: Unity State
  • County: Rubkotna
  • Payam: Norlamwial.
  • Date of Death/Sunset: 2nd April 2023
  • Place of Death: Juba, Central Equatoria State, Republic of South Sudan
  • Cause of Death: Natural Death

Leadership & Lifetime Achievements

Paramount chief – Sultan Robert Tungwar Kueigwong – born in 1936 and died on 2nd April 2023 in Juba – Republic of South Sudan

Paramount chief Sultan Tungwar Kueigwong Reat – died at the age of 87 years after a long life of hardworking and determination for the cause of his people. He served his country since his early age when he was only 15 years of age, immediately after his initiation to manhood. He began his adventurous life by committing himself to serve freely in the traditional ruling set up in the land of Leek, Jikany , Pariang and Bul Nuer. He was the 7th paramount chief of Leek community – Rubkotna county as a border chief, executive Chief, head chief and high court of appeal in Leek community and in greater unity state. He serves his people for his entire life and as an active sultan for over 60 years. His life was full of achievements and memories from his people having served in active duties since 1960 until his death in 2023. He is a family man with wives and children which some of them die for the cause of our liberation in 1987. One of his sons by the name Captain Maum Tungwar Kueigwong was a member of Tiger Brigade, he dies in the liberation struggle between the Arab and the SPLA in the battle of 1987 in Rubnyegai. Having pass so many challenges and at the same time achievements, the following are some of his excellent contributions to the liberation struggle to his current role as an elderly in an independent South Sudan.

Assignments That Build His Legacy

Paramount Chief Robert Tungwar Kueigwong’s Assignments

1. In 1969, Chief Tungwar Kueigwong was appointed as a border chief between the Arab Messiria and the Leek Nuer of Bentiu.

2. In 1972, Chief Robert Tungwar Kueigwong was again appointed as sub-chief of Leek Nuer in Bentiu.

3. In 1975, he was appointed as the deputy of Leek Head-Chief administering the 8 sections of Leek community

4. In 1985, he was fully sworn in as a head chief after a hardly contested election after the death of paramount chief Kerlual Nyinyar

5. Coming to 1999, Paramount chief Robert Tungwar Kueigwong was assigned by the state government as the head of Appeal Court in the SPLA area in Bentiu.

6. In 2001, he was appointed as the Commissioner of Leek and Jikany Nuer in the SPLA area in Bentiu.

7. In 2003, he was given an assignment as the deputy to Buay Rolnyang for administration by the Area Commander of the SPLA. He was maintaining the Rank of Major.

8. After the CPA, in2007, Sultan Robert Tungwar was also appointed as the head of appeal Court in Unity State.

9. Paramount chief Robert Tungwar Kueigwong was the leading mobilizer and establishment of the SPLA biggest Areas in Bentiu as follows:

  1. He established the Rubnyegai in 1987.
  2. He also went further and established Nhialdiu in 1991.

His Contributions to The SPLA Movement

The Paramount Chief had contributed a lot during the liberation struggle, and he was fully supporting the following forces:

  • Timsah Brigade
  • Tiger Brigade
  • Petrol Brigade

The above were the first forces of the SPLA who arrive in Bentiu under the army commander called Zonal commander Paul Dor Lampour through 1984, 1985 and 1987. These forces were received and where fully supported by paramount chief Robert Tungwar Kueigwong as a Head-Chief of Leek Nuer.

Again in 1986, there were also SPLA forces sent from Bilpam to greater Bhar El ghazal, these SPLA forces passed through Bentiu, and they have also received and supported by Paramount chief Robert Tungwar Kueigwong in the Leek Area of SPLA. The forces were:

  • Eagle Brigade
  • Nil Brigade and
  • Khazuk Brigade.

The above Brigades were fully supported by the Paramount Chief during their slow movement through Bentiu to the greater Bhar El ghazal until they all left Bentiu.

The Paramount Chief have also received the Gol Brigade in 1986. The forces were then commanded by the current First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny. The Paramount Chief Robert Tungwar Kueigwong also supported that Brigade. The Paramount Chief Robert Tungwar Kueigwong attended the following conferences:

  1. Fangak Conference between Nuer themselves in 2003.
  2. In 2004, he went and attended the conference in America.
  3. The same year 2004, he attended the Rumbek Conference

During conferences, Late Paramount Chief, Tungwar Kueigwong met with Dr. John Garang De Mabior, the Commander in Chief of the SPLA/M.

In Summary

1- Sultan Tungwar Kueigwong Reat was actively involved in the mobilization of young children that joined SPLA in Cuba, Pinyidok, Palataka, Kakuma, Dima in between 1985 and 1989 whereby he did a mass mobilization that included his 4 boys in the active SPLA.

2- He serves the liberation armies of all the battalion throughout the struggle of our independence.

Late Paramount Chief, Tungwar Kueigwong Reat have been survived by brothers, sisters, wives, children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. His entire family loved him and cared for him; he left a legacy.

Biography compiled by:

Sultan Lam Tungwar Kueigwong Reat Jr

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