make a difference, change and transform society
Change and Transformations

Make Difference, Change and Transform Society

February 4, 2022
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I am a bit nervous about the way our citizens seem to enjoy diaspora life than coming back home and make difference. To make their own country a better place to be and attract the world! Remember, our country is the world’s youngest and poorest country.

Life in your home country is obviously way more comfortable. You’re surrounded with and protected by your family, friends, and your people.

After studying, come back home and change the community. Getting a chance to live and study in the diaspora is not a gateway to disconnect yourself from your society, rather change the community and nation. And for those living abroad to support the families back home, continue doing that and ensure to encourage those you sponsored to study, come back home, and transform the community.

Studying abroad is not only about expanding your expertise and personal horizons, but to develop a well-informed mindset, gain knowledge, skills and wider perspective of adaption which will boost your capacity to transform your society and contribute to nation-building. As you learn to view the world through different lenses, you’ll also learn new things that need to be changed or transformed in your own country and community.

It’s understandable that some South Sudanese live in the diaspora to seek asylum and others to study abroad. Not everybody wants to stay abroad. Many people miss their family and friends and want to return home so that they can be with them. However, it’s notable that some citizens choose to live overseas for their lifetime and could not even think of coming back home. You can obtain dual citizenship, but that couldn’t barricade you from serving the community and making your home country a better place to be. When you feel that home is safe for you, you should come and make changes. It’s our collective efforts to ensure peace is sustained and community livelihoods are restored. The situation will never change if we don’t act.

Zooming in and out the condition of our country at moment, lots of the things need to be done and to make these happen, one must act. After you gained knowledge and skills, you should come back home, join hands together and make difference.

Through individual contributions, innovations, and transformations, we can make our country a better place to be.

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  1. Change is gradual and so is education. Brother Riak Tek Lam am cordially honored and once more reminded of the things I know but tend to ignore at some point due to treating them as “granted”. With likes of country men like you and I plus any other citizen that truly feels South Sudan is my home I believe we can make a difference and change the current context of this nation to a more worthwhile and comfortable habitat that all humans would feel safe and settle with ease. Thank you once again for reminding us of our purpose as citizens of this great nation. God grant you more wisdom to inspire many.

    1. Thank you Kim Tut Thuoch for positive compliment. As citizens, let’s work towards changing and transforming society.

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