Riak Tek's visit to Gatdet Gon Primary School, Mankien

School Named After Renowned Liberal Artist

June 25, 2022
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I had an opportunity to pay a visit to Gatdet Gon Primary School in Mankien, Mayom County; where I gave lessons to pupils enrolled in the school. It seems safe to assume that the deceased artist would be gratified by the featuring of school namesake. The naming of school cited the prominence of Gatdet Gon during the liberation struggle in Sudan. After teaching immediately, I met an older man who preserved his coherent memory and shared with me significant stories about liberation struggles and how people of Unity State lived together as one united community—at that time. I was keen enough listening to his braving and caring voice. I pleaded to hear more stories about Gatdet Gon; his inspirations and talents. I was surprised to learn that I related to late famous artist, Gatdet Gon (Mabor Chany Dak). He is my nephew—part of the story I enjoyed most.  

Little I never knew is that I related to renowned South Sudanese Liberal Artist, particularly from Oil-rich area, Unity State. I felt excited to learn this fascinating news and thanked an old man for repository of information.

His famous name featured in all his songs albums as Gatdet Gon (Gatdet Chotlit), but his real parental name is Mabor Chany Dak. Mabor paternally hails from Unity Sate’s Mayom County. He is known for his talents in passing liberation struggle messages through songs. He was true patriot against oppressions, deprivation, and exclusion in governance. He was inspired by his close associate Mubarak Kuol. Mabor Chany Dak was believed to be trained by sound-minded intellect, Mubarak Kuol Kech. He mastered strumming or plucking guitar and was marked has great artist in Sudan. Gatdet Gon’s songs are commonly played and listened amongst liberal artists.

I am self-assured that most people are bloodily related by decedents whether maternally or paternally. Other relationships are adopted through marriage, while others are triggered by peaceful migrations and Sudan’s longest unrest and conflicts which resulted into mass forced displacements and in long run of living, ancestors migrated and opted to take a parament settlements in other peaceful areas within South Sudan, though not their ancestors lands – Nuer termed it ‘local citizenry registration’.

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