Peace & Reconciliations

Unity State: Let Our Unity Be Supreme

Unity State citizens should be proud for unique name of their State. It is with highest thrill to laminate that our Unity is paramount, and we must adhere to this, patriotically. In late 1970s the administration of former Sudan President, late Jaffer Nimeri changed the name of Bentiu’s Capital from Western Upper Nile to Unity State. His hope was that the newly […]

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Congratulation Message to Unity State R-STLA MPs

Honorable Members, Congratulations on your sworn-in as Member of Parliament (MPs) to represent your constituencies in parliament. Now is a time to give peace a chance. Bring the divided communities together, and works for betterment of societies. Unity State have had suffered for far too long and now is right time to restore peaceful co-existence. […]

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Oil is a Blessing Not a Curse

Oil is Perceived as Blessing In a present context of South Sudan, is Oil a blessing or a curse? It can be disputed that the impact of oil on South Sudan’s economy is questionable. Moreover, it can either be a blessing or a curse. But for the case of South Sudan, the oil is blessing […]

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Azande of South Sudan Reinstall King

Congratulations to Azande people of South Sudan for reinstalling their new King and return to Kingdomship. Atoroba Peni Rikito Gbudue has been installed the king of Azande for the first time in more than 100 years after the death of King Gbudue in 1905. February 9 2022 (Gbudue Day) is a cultural day agreed upon to […]

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South Sudan: The Economic Hardship

South Sudan’s economy dropped since the beginning of catastrophe; it really melts hearts. South Sudan is one of the most oil-dependent country in the world, with oil accounting for almost the totality of exports, and more than 40% of its gross domestic product (GDP). The country’s GDP per capita was recorded at $18.43B in 2013, and because of war […]

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