The Politics of Loyalty and Interest

June 14, 2023
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The recognitions, rewards and appointments in political spheres are coupled with the game of playing smart card around the circles and win the trust of the appointing authority. It’s trustworthy to acknowledge that there is no arbitration in political appointment but rather a huge consideration of loyalty and interest. The authority who are seeking for appointee are not obligated by any stimulated mechanisms that provide clear procedures to fill the position in question. Unlike political positions filled through civil runoff elections where threshold of votes determines the successful candidate, political appointments are different in nature and hooked to access the loyalty and interest between both the appointing authority and appointee prior offering or appointing the aspiring politician.

In action plans, the authority will retrieve whether the candidate or aspiring politician is loyal to the authority and will maintain all legacy, devotes to the appointing authority, and demonstrates sentiment of attachment to the authority’s objectives. Such politician is not expected, in anyway, and at all costs to deviate or run parallel loyalty apart from that of appointing authority. And once such unexpected happens, the authority will withdraw trust and apply penalties – politically. The second filter will zoom and extract whether the appointee will fulfil the interest of the appointing authority and abide by all the powers of the authority and act in accordance with the authority’s interest.

Beyond one’s control, most of politicians avoid political consumerism and, in this case, they apply political interest to suit their interests and achieve their target. In order for such politician to win the interest of appointing authority he/she must indicates conceptual skills, influence, loyalty, and commitment to accommodate the interest of the authority. On another hand, the politician must display great deal of loyalty both in the past and present to win the interest of the appointing authority. In state of uncertainty, no political position could be won without the power of influence, loyalty, and interest to the authority – never!

To win political savvy, by far, you need to adopt the art of influence and build trust confident through connections. Start being cooperative rather than race or in political rivalry with reputable politicians who have better influences to bring in their lobbyists. Your cooperation internally and externally shall determine and pave way to win political appointment due to your respectful level of influences, loyalty, and capability to fulfil the interest of your authority.

So, people must have second thoughts and admit the fact that no one will be consulted by the appointing authority whenever political positions becomes available but must rather review the fact that the authority might appoints lobbyists based (acting as expected) on their level of influence to win the trust of the authority.

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