Unity State: Trees Plantation Along the Dyke Borderline

June 7, 2023
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Ustaz Gatkhor Puol Tangtony

On behalf of the flood victims, I would like to share an idea as a suggestion to our state government on the issue of climate change that befell us. The flood has been one of the devastated catastrophes in the Republic of the South Sudan for the last four years, and there is a possibility that it may continue for the next three to five years to come. As the title suggests, I am appealing to the state government that your tenure has come under attack of natural disaster which exhausted the pennies you would have for the development. The flood has wasted all developmental plans which should have been in place if this unpredictable tragedy didn’t betide us. To make this historical flooding unforgotten, you should plant trees along the dyke where water was stopped all long up to POC Site (now IDP camp); or can continue toward unity oil field where dyke stopped. This would be a memory to those who will follow us. This flood was believed to have once occurred in 1960s and there was no evidence that such an event had occurred one day. These trees we can collectively plant would be a good mark for the post coming disasters of the similar flood. Although there were some floods between 80s, the current one has gone beyond expectation.

The plantation should be done as follows:

1. All county commissioners with their communities should assist the state government to provide and plant 500 trees each or plant the dyke border lines of their county’s HQs.

2. Government, Oil companies, UN Agencies and NGOs operating in the area should collectively execute this project as a join effort.

This piece of writing is primarily addressed to Dr. Joseph Manytuil, Governor of Unity State, and his cabinets.

Cc: UN Agencies and NGOs

Ustaz Gatkhor Puol Tangtony

Take it as an independent personal suggestion on behalf of the flood’s victims.

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