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Unity State: Let Our Unity Be Supreme

March 22, 2022
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Unity State citizens should be proud for unique name of their State. It is with highest thrill to laminate that our Unity is paramount, and we must adhere to this, patriotically.

In late 1970s the administration of former Sudan President, late Jaffer Nimeri changed the name of Bentiu’s Capital from Western Upper Nile to Unity State. His hope was that the newly discovered oil in Bentiu would serve to bring together the Northern and Southern Sudan. Officiated by government and broadcasted in many social networks in Africa, Arab and Western world that Unity State is centre of the oil industry in South Sudan. Adding tremendous advantage to the world economy.

Unity State is propounded to unite the whole country as many spectators said. I contemplate, we can overcome these challenges and fix the hindering problems together.

Fetching the same aspect and philosophy of ‘Unity’ to our homeland. The ordinary citizens love themselves and non-citizens to the core and so, people of Unity State are well known as ambassadors of peace and unity. Advantageously, the non-citizens are entitled to all privileges enjoyed by the citizen of Unity State without irrational challenges and discriminations. One thing we need to bring to the table, as people of this mighty State is the way our communities are fractured, divided, and hated each other. Although these motives are politically aggravated and encouraged in the past, we can change it. I believe everyone is aware that disunity is often coupled with conflicts and misunderstandings in the community. Thus, let’s bridge the gap by preaching peace, unity, and reconciliation, starting from your home and then to the entire community. Never expect outsider to do the change and scarified for it—only us. I said—only us and it started with us!

Substantially, Unity State is oil producing State and astonishingly, it remained ignored with poor infrastructures, deprived roads, lack of hospitals and schools. Our top leaders should unite, it’s right time to start and work together as brothers and sisters. They should let go the differences between themselves. With their full efforts and exerted energies, contribute in all developmental aspects in the State while serving the interest of the country consecutively.

The Oil revenues from Unity State had built many parts of Northern Sudan and then, Juba the second capital of Sudan before separation. While the host State is suffering in terms of basic services.

Let the name ‘Unity State’ as well, refer to our deeds, thoughts, and characters in the country and feature everywhere as ‘people of unity’ in South Sudan and beyond.

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