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The Canteen & Mini House

August 10, 2023
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Today’s weather is super conducive, and the environment is so friendly. It rains for couple of hours, the atmosphere and outer space looks beautiful. I make an exit of my comfort indoors and resolute to take a walk on the streets. Walking along the streets to chill in the fresh air, feel refresh and comfortable.

The mini house I lives has smaller ecological footprint, its less noisy and hosting few possessions. Despite less space outside and other shortcomings aspects, the compound beautifications are amazing. I have strong attractions to live in the mini houses and enjoy the outdoors sceneries. As blogger, I prefer quiet space for thinking thoughts, scan the surroundings and write some notes.

My accommodation room is adjacent to canteen and grocery shop where I easily access snacks and groceries. Like a little child, I love snacks ― I really do!

The cafeteria has loud music in the evening, playing some afro sounds music, and serving customers at counter. Owing to the fact that I like music and entertainments, I excused myself and stepped out of the room to enjoy the outdoor dinning and the music. I am enjoying the dance right now!

As recommended by physiologists, mental health is one of the important techniques for reducing stress. The best reason for listening to music, dance and take a walk on the streets is the super opportunity for reducing stress, grasp the chance to relax my mind and body.

Have good one! 😊

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