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The Canteen & Mini House

Today’s weather is super conducive, and the environment is so friendly. It rains for couple of hours, the atmosphere and outer space looks beautiful. I make an exit of my comfort indoors and resolute to take a walk on the streets. Walking along the streets to chill in the fresh air, feel refresh and comfortable. […]

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The Politics of Loyalty and Interest

The recognitions, rewards and appointments in political spheres are coupled with the game of playing smart card around the circles and win the trust of the appointing authority. It’s trustworthy to acknowledge that there is no arbitration in political appointment but rather a huge consideration of loyalty and interest. The authority who are seeking for […]

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Late. Paramount Chief, Robert Tungwar Kueigwong

Biography of Late. Paramount Chief, Tungwar Kueigwong Reat

Late’s Profile. Leadership & Lifetime Achievements Paramount chief – Sultan Robert Tungwar Kueigwong – born in 1936 and died on 2nd April 2023 in Juba – Republic of South Sudan Paramount chief Sultan Tungwar Kueigwong Reat – died at the age of 87 years after a long life of hardworking and determination for the cause […]

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Conflict Resolutions

Under The Dark Cloud

The world is grey and enfolded with troubles, strife, pains, and grief. Whether feeling good or bad, its believed that feeling exist in the mind but live in the heart. Therefore, refrain from overloading your mind and heart. Ask God of your ancestors for protection, guidance and more importantly, to cool your spirit in this […]

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