Change and Transformations

Educate The Child to Transform the World

December 31, 2022
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When you invest in child education, you invest in transforming the world. Parents are presupposed to take full responsibility in educating their children; both at home and school. As paradigm stand, child education is aimed for developmental skills and concepts that child is expected to attain during the age of growth.

When we make a choice of being a parent, we must accept the tasks ahead. As parent, you have major roles to play in shaping and changing the child into the better person in the future. You must take full responsibilities and be the pillar that led from behind the scenes. On the other hand, teachers played vital roles in educating the child mentally, behaviorally and all traits that transform a child into the better person. More importantly, parents are most influential role models in upbringing of their children. The long journey starts from home—then to school and later to the community, country and the world.

Preliminary task of the parents is to provide support, encouragements and any activities that can contribute to the key development of the child. While at home, parents should impart cultures, disciplines, social life, and impose rules that will test the levels of child to remain independent.

Be taken for granted, like an adult, children learn by examples and by setting up situational puzzles that expose them to critical thinking and problem-solving. Teachers and parents are banked on transforming the future of the child and therefore, all the saddles of child developments lie in them.

Well-mannered and educated child contribute to the transformation of the world. Child’s success brings home proudness, happiness, and joy. The world appreciates and thanks only the parents who bring up their children right and be part of the change and transformation of the world. Around the world, there are countless of people who overlooked disciplines from their parents, but instead of allowing the world to teach them, they followed their deeds till the wheels of disciplines fell off. Never count yourself out as parent, because you have all potentials to educate, discipline and change your child into the better person a world is expecting to be.

The future of your children depends on you as parents—in most cases. Be the great parent you are expected to be. You will enormously, in the future, bank on your children’s support. Play your parental roles today and expect theirs at your old age. Do this and thanks me later!

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