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Under The Dark Cloud

March 11, 2023
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The world is grey and enfolded with troubles, strife, pains, and grief. Whether feeling good or bad, its believed that feeling exist in the mind but live in the heart. Therefore, refrain from overloading your mind and heart. Ask God of your ancestors for protection, guidance and more importantly, to cool your spirit in this dark and gloomy life.

More often than not, life tends to compound and teach us in most mysterious conditions or situations. You either react negatively or positively to such momentary emotions posted by conditions or situations.  Surrendering yourself to feeling or emotions leads to destruction of both your soul and mind—better resist. It’s mind-boggling to signify that you cannot absorb your own feeling or emotions for situations that could ruin your life.

While problems cannot be foreseen and controlled; you can only limit them if situation allows and/or dealt with. Typically, some problems can be dealt with and overcome.  You do need a companion who can counsel you in time of stress and troubles. Though, the problems at hand can only be simplified if you attest by becoming the first counselor of yourself. And later, give room for your companion.

Squeezing yourself under dark cloud and pertains to cover the inner burnings alone is unhealthy for both soul and mind. Never allow such situation to corner and kills you in hidden atmosphere. Everything must be prone to public or trusted individuals and tackle the problems together. Anything that happened to you must be signs of lessons and learning. You must face all these troubles head-on because everything has endings.

Perhaps, the moment you find yourself in troubles, you might think that the world is formed against you. Understand that everything happens with God’s approval, and He have divine power to revoke them. With faiths, you will get chance to pit your problems and praise God for wisdom and provision of solutions. As the story goes that; God have power to revoke troubles, but you can help God in finding the solutions too.  

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